Kick’ About

While we were at a restaurant shack almost mid-way of the Ponta’s, we had noticed a group of locals from the village settlement nearby beginning a game of football. Almost instinctively, all of us got up and decided to join them.

Putting aside the language barrier and socio-economic differences which would have discouraged many from joining in (first hand experiences from living in Bangladesh). I was honestly just overjoyed to be able to get out there, point at the ball and say “match” and have all of them understand what I had meant.

It truly is a beautiful game, and it doesn’t require one to overcome the obstacle of being a foreigner in their country in any way. We were accepted with open arms, and continued to have a blast playing a sport all of us adored. As fellow citizens of the world, we began what became an enriching and eye opening experience for me.

Definitely another page to add to the book of life, stay tuned for more!


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